G E T  I N T O  P R I N T !

3  W E E K  B E G I N N E R S   C O U R S E :

Get into Print / Afternoon Course

Starts: Saturday 28th October     Continues: 4th November and 11th November 2017. 

Course time: 1:30 to 4:00 pm 

Course level : Beginners 

Full Course: £125

Double Up Discount: £235

Spaces: 5  

In this 3 week course led by our Print and Photography specialist Ellie Green you will learn how work with oil based inks to create unique prints to frame and keep, give or sell. 

Our three week course is designed to give you all the foundations you need to start print-making independently, from creating designs to exploring a range of ways to print. 

Week 1: Mono-type prints

Create one off mono-prints using natural materials such as feathers and leaves to make one of a kind prints from nature. Understand how to control the tack of the oil based inks. Explore negative space and create a range of print experiments. 

Week 2: Lino Printing Part 1.

Linoleum is one of the most versatile materials for creating a long-lasting print block. Learn how to carve a linoleum block in four different ways to create different styles of print. We will teach you how to design and carve your block which you can then re-use again and again.

Week 3: Lino Printing part 2.

Building on your understanding of lino from the previous workshops your will now print a final design onto a range of different papers. In this session we will also show you how to layer colour and print to create depth in your composition. 

What to expect: A cosy, friendly fully equipt studio setting. Expert tuition and a sense of confidence and independence in your practice.

What to bring: Just yourselves. Aprons, refreshment, biscuits and banter are all available in abundance. 


"I've just finished a beginners lino print course with Ellie and loved it. Ellie is an excellent teacher and took us all through the process in a clear and fun way. I feel thoroughly inspired by what I have learnt and I hope to do more of Ellie's classes in the future"         L.Ford


How to find us: Our little Studio is nestled in a little courtyard at the front of the farm. Plenty of parking, toilets etc. No need to bring anything, just yourselves. 

Studio location: Dean House Farm, Newdigate, RH5 5DL

Contact us: surreyartschool@gmail.com