A R T  &  M I N D  W O R K S H O P S / £15

Join us for a series of workshops exploring connections between Art and the Mind. Soulful weekly sessions to calm the mind and use focused creative making techniques as a tool to unlock the subconscious.

These workshops are all about finding a quiet space for yourself and engaging in mindful making, use age old techniques in a fresh contemporary way to slow the pace of modern life and make time to reflect on your world. 

Starts: Tuesday 13th June / 6:30 onwards...

Continues:  Tuesday 20th June, Tuesday 27th June, Tuesday 4th July, Tuesday 11th July 2017.

Workshop Location: Learn Grow Create / Dorking, RH4 1DL

Workshop time: 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm 

Workshop level : Any 

Class price: £15*  Full Course: £60

What to expect:  Five unique weekly creative workshops with a mindful twist inspired by a mixture of meditative making techniques. Workshops are designed for relaxation coupled with learning - tapping into both your creative and intuitive self.

Week 1 : Heart and Art (FULLY BOOKED)

Workshop theme: Emotions and Colour.

Body scan meditation and techniques to connect with your heart centre.  Colour code your emotions, map your feelings and unlock any blockages with this calming, healing heart based workshop helping you untangle the threads of daily emotions. 

Create a heart of your own design, or choose from our templates to stitch your heart out, embroider your dreams. 

Week 2:  The Art of Zen-Drawing

Workshop theme: Mindful drawing and meditation

Discover the magic of the zen drawing as a way to a more purposeful form of doodling.

Learn how to self-generate patterns that can be applied to further designs and create stunning bold and mindful drawings to help you switch off and calm a busy mind. 

Week 3:  Zen-drawing , Mandalas and other motifs

Workshop theme: Shape new patterns

Circle sharing session and collective meditation followed by a practical workshop using self-generated patterns from our zen-drawing session to create powerful drawn mandalas or other motifs.

Further development of this mindful and purposeful zen doodling technique working with animals and other motifs including mandalas to create beautiful drawn artworks that calm the mind. 

Week 4: Make a Prayer Flag

Workshop theme: Wishes, dreams and hopes 

What is most important to you? What does your heart hope for or your soul dream? We'll explore our hopes, our wishes and our darkest fears and use this as inspiration for positive prayers to energise our hopes. 

Connect to your deepest desires and hand-craft your own prayer flag, stitching and binding your intention into being. 

Week 5: Chakra Drawing and creative visualisation

Workshop theme: Ground and connect

What do the Chakras look like? Where are they situated in the body? How can we use them to energise and how do we know when they are blocked?

Learn more about how your chakras work and how use creative visualisation to connect to your inner power and focus your intentions.

Create a chakra based visualisation board, working with colour and chakra patterns and blending in mantras using text. 

How to book: Book online for one session or save when you book for all.   Each session £15* / Block of 5 - £60.  Each session is unique so you can come for one or all. All materials included, prior booking essential.

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Heart and Mind Workshops
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Connect Art, Heart and Mind exploring creative techniques for meditative making

Connect Art, Heart and Mind exploring creative techniques for meditative making