A R T  &  M I N D  

Join us for a regular class exploring connections between Art and the Mind. Soulful sessions to calm the mind and use focused creative making techniques as a tool to unlock the subconscious.

These classes are all about finding a quiet space for yourself and engaging in mindful making, using age old techniques in a fresh contemporary way to slow the pace of modern life and make time to reflect on your world...

Learn mindful techniques to sooth a busy brain and calm a cluttered mind. Find a little time and space just for you.

Art and Mind / Mindfulness & Meditation Class

Class time: 7:00 to 8:30 pm    

Level : Beginners / Mixed Ability   

*This class takes place every two weeks and continues throughout the year!

Art and Mind classes are designed with relaxation in mind / coupled with learning - tapping into both your creative and intuitive self.

Each class includes a short meditation and an introduction to a mindful technique, followed by a practical workshop to reflect the session theme.

All materials are included in each session as are plenty of tea and biscuits.

The Autumn Seasion:

Workshops run in cycles with a different focus each week - Nature as Inspiration; Text and Image; Mandala focus; Textiles and Other materials. 

17th October / Signs and Symbols focused class led by SAS founder Ellie Green. Learn all about the meanings of Runes - an ancient divination system including 24 symbols that can also be used to create powerful visual meditation aid. 

31st October / The Power of the Word - Making a Mantra.  We'll explore the power of both thought and word through meditation and use this to create a Mantra that is tailored to you.  A chance to reflect on what we say and think and how this affects what we do. 

14th November / Mandala Making Class led by Katina Ward, our Mandala specialist and founder of Full Circle Art.  A celebration of Samhain and seasonal change through drawing and pattern making. Draw out a beautiful seasonal Mandala to reflect change, growth and renewal. 

28th November /  A sensory journey using Mindfulness as a guide. Atifa Balding aka Surrey Hills Wellness  leads this wellbeing session. We will use guided meditation and mindfulness techniques that incorporate scent, sound, taste, movement and touch to find calm, focus and help us feel grounded.   Very Limited Spaces 

12th December / Our Winter Solstice workshop will explore ancient seasonal decoration for a truly Hygge home. Connecting to winter's aromatic natural bounty, a lovely cosy evening of making on a cold December evening.  We'll make wall hangings, 

What to expect:  A calm and mindful weekly class where you can switch off from the frantic modern world, slow down and focus on you. Unique weekly creative workshops with a mindful twist inspired by a mixture of meditative making techniques.

Class price: £15*      Class Pass  £75 (6 consecutive classes) 

All materials are included in each session as are light refreshments. 

How to book: Prior Booking essential.  Each session £15* / Book 5 get one FREE with our Class Pass.  All materials included are included as are plenty of tea and biscuits!

Art and Mind
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