Casting and Ceramics

If you’re ready to take your creative practice into the third dimension we have a gorgeous range of Plaster Casting and Ceramic workshops available on our menu. Re-discover the calming qualities of clay or find that sense of wonder with our magical botanical casting workshop. This is mindful creativity at its best and the results are so stunning they will blow your mind too!


Seasonal Botanical Casting with Abilu

Join us for a voyage of discovery with our fabulous 3D specialist where you will learn the art of botanical casting, working with clay and plaster to create incredibly detailed relief casts to take home!

Working with fine casting plaster and clay, we create impression moulds with clay using whatever is in season and then teach you how to mix fine grade plaster to create absolutely spellbinding and highlighy detailed casts to take home with you.

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Mindful Ceramics with Jo Hannah

Jo Hannah is an experienced 'maker' whose creative practice with clay explores the beauty of natural materials - undergoing state changes  through firing and becoming beautiful, robust rustic pieces made or raised by a gentle hand. Jo is a great believer in the therapeutic qualities of working with clay and her workshops are calm and mindful.


Christmas Ceramic Decorations with Jo Hannah

Join the lovely Jo Hannah Ceramics for a simply beautiful festive Friday night in the studio and create stunning Parian Clay Decorations to adorn your tree.

Parian is type of porcelain which when high fired has the appearance of white marble. It has a translucent quality enabling light to shine through, making it the ideal material to hang from your illuminated Christmas tree!

Our Studio:

All workshops take place in our fully equipped studio:

Surrey Art School, Dean House Farm, Newdigate, Dorking, RH5 5DL

The studio is located in the beautiful village of Newdigate, 15 minutes south of Dorking, just off the A24. Its a lovely rural setting with stunning views and plenty of free parking onsite.