Ceramics Workshops with Jo Hannah

Jo Hannah is an experienced 'maker' whose creative practice with clay explores the beauty of natural materials - undergoing state changes  through firing and becoming beautiful, robust rustic pieces made or raised by a gentle hand. Jo is a great believer in the therapeutic qualities of working with clay and her workshops are calm and mindful.

Mindful Pinch Pots Workshop

The simple process of making a pinch pot is a relaxing and meditative act - where the motion of forming and pinching the clay can have a therapeutic effect on both body and mind...

Workshop date: Saturday 24th November 2018

Workshop time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Workshop level: Beginners

Workshop Location: Surrey Art School, The Old Dairy, RH5 5DL

Tutor: Jo Hannah

In this workshop you will learn how to form a pot using the simplest of ceramic techniques, ‘pinching’. This technique is ideal for anyone who is new to clay and would like a gentle introduction to the medium.

Using only a ball of clay and your hands, you will be shown the process of forming a simple pot. Create one or several pots during the workshop, depending on your speed and the size of the pot.  We'll then decorate your pots with ‘slip' (coloured liquid clay) or underglaze paints. Carving tools will be available to carve patterns into the clay.

All materials are included in the price of the workshop, including the glazing and firing of the work.

You will be able to collect your finished work at a later date and you will be informed when it is ready for collection from Surrey Art School.

Booking is now live. Book online to secure your spot. Full booking terms and conditions are here.   

Mindful Pinch Pot Workshop
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