Meeting with Ebru…

This season we are inviting you to meet with Ebru for a calming and mindful introduction to the magical art of painting on water. Ebru - also known as cloud-painting for the way that the paint clouds as it spreads across the water - is an ancient art-form originating in Turkey and dating back to as early as the 15th Century. Of course we’ll be adding a contemporary twist to the outcomes we produce, but the rest of the experience will be as authentic as it gets folks!

Workshop date: Sunday 28th April 2019

Workshop Time: 10:30 to 13:30

Workshop Location: Surrey Art School, Dean House Farm, RH5 5DL

Workshop Tutor: Ebru Koçak

When it comes to creative workshops that quiet the mind and contribute to our overall sense of well-being, this amazing class really ticks all the boxes!

You’ll meet with Ebru Koçak - our Ebru marbling expert, for a voyage of discovery in a totally spell-binding process exploring the key concepts of painting on water.

Ebru is an art form that must be practiced slowly, with utmost respect and care given to each stage of the process - starting with making the horse hair brushes by hand, mixing paints from natural pigments and preparing a water bath using a specialised moss to create the correct viscosity for the paint to interact with. Each element of the process requires a delicate hand - rush it and it simply won’t work!

So this season we’re inviting you to meet with Ebru…

Meet with the artist (Ebru) and watch as she demonstrates this incredible process, gently talking you through each step. Meet with the technique (Ebru) and lose yourself in this stunning art-form. And meet with your own intuition as you carefully craft your own response.

All materials are prepared by hand by the artist and are included in your workshop booking. *Note: Please do not wear perfumes, use hand-creams or any other product on the surface of your skin or clothes when attending this workshop - all can affect the delicate water bath from which the paintings are made!

Book Online to secure your spot. Full booking terms and conditions are here. Limited spaces!

Meeting with Ebru
Dive in!

Studio Location:  All workshops take place in our fully equipped studio: The Old Dairy, Dean House Farm, Newdigate, Dorking, RH5 5DL. The studio is located in a beautiful rural setting with stunning views and plenty of free parking onsite. 

Each part of the process is a work of art - from the hand-made brushes and paints to the results on the surface of the water.

Each part of the process is a work of art - from the hand-made brushes and paints to the results on the surface of the water.