Calling all young artists - either studying Art for GCSE or who just love the subject and would like to take their practice a little more seriously but in a fun and exploratory way. If you have an aspiring creative who isn't getting the input they need to grow - send them our way and we'll provide bespoke support that complements the curriculum in school but also enable greater creative freedom and initiative!


For Young Artists aged 8 - 12 years

GCSE / Young Artist Booster Class

13 - 16 year olds


Thursdays : 4:45 to 6:00 pm

Tutor: Ellie Green

SAS founder and dedicated Artist teacher Ellie Green has been working with young artists for over a decade both in schools and gallery settings with a success rate of 100% A*-C.  She not only understands the challenges of undertaking a creative qualifications but also understands the limitations of some school settings. Working with young artists has long been her passion and her regular booster classes not only inject fun, creativity and experimentation into our young artists practice - they get results too!

Following a monthly cycle students will engage in tasks to boost critical thinking and understanding of artists, engage in practical workshops linked to artists and explore approaches to linking their work to others but with original ideas and thinking. This process will prepare students with the basic skills to tackle any topic they might encounter through their coursework or exam projects.

One to one tutorials also take place once a cycle where students can bring along their current work or topic and get detailed feedback from an experienced tutor.

 Ellie will provide bespoke support that complements the curriculum in school but also allow for greater creative freedom and initiative as to how students approach a topic!

SPACES AVAILABLE starting 28 February 2019

Email to join the waiting list!

How to book: Book online for a half term or full term. Prior booking essential.

GCSE Booster sessions
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Student testimonials

Madi, Aged 16, August 2018

Just wanted to let you know that I received a 9 for my Art GCSE!!! (The highest possible grade) and I wanted to thank you since I know I wouldn't have even come close to that without your help xxx Thank you so much!








Eve, Aged 16, August 2018

I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance for my art. I think I’ve progressed a lot and I’m now so much more experimental with my art than I was before your classes. I got my GCSE results back a couple of weeks ago and I’m really pleased. I got 6’s and 7’s in all my subjects, except from Art, in which I got a 9! I am so happy. I’m going to go to Reigate college next ( I start this Friday ) to do Art, Photography and History A-level. After that I think I’ll do a foundation course. 
I wish you all the best and I hope the rest of the group are all well. Again, thank you so much.