GCSE Booster Class (13+)

After nearly a decade of teaching Art and Photography in schools, SAS founder Ellie Green designed these sessions to compliment and extend the existing GCSE curriculum - supporting creative freedom, self-expression and technical progression. There’s a fair difference between being an artist and passing an exam and our regular booster sessions aim to gently bridge the gap! Students benefit from regular tutorials, guidance and support as well as a ‘space to create’ with all the tools and materials on hand to bring ideas to life.


Class dates: Starts again Thursday 19th September 2019

Age range: Year 10, Year 11 (and early entry GCSE/Scholarship)

Session 1 / 16:00 to 17:15 / Year 10 and Scholarship - booking live Session 2 / 17:15 to 18:30 / Year 11 (Class Full - Booking open for current students only)

Tutor: Ellie Green

SAS founder and dedicated Artist teacher Ellie Green worked with young artists at both GCSE and A level with a success rate of 100% A*-C before leaving the system to set up Surrey Art School. 

She not only understands the challenges of undertaking a creative qualifications but also understands the limitations of some school settings. Working with young artists has long been her passion and her regular booster classes inject fun, creativity and experimentation into our young artists practice - and get results too!

Following a monthly cycle students will be offered:

  • Practical tutoring and technical workshops to build skill over time.

  • Opportunities to engage in critical thinking with encouragement to develop their own thoughts and ideas in response to artists work

  • One to one tutorials with Ellie where they can share their personal portfolio and gain feedback.

  • A chance to learn from their peers as well as from artists work and to develop original ideas in response to these.

  • A dedicated ‘space to create’ with access to high quality art materials and equipment.

This approach will prepare students with the basic skills to tackle any topic they might encounter through their coursework or exams.

How to book: Book online for a half term (6 sessions ) or full term (12 sessions). Prior booking essential. Full booking terms and conditions are here.

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