Cyanotype Masterclass

Summer is coming, the sun is out and 'drawing with light' expert and SAS founder Ellie Green is back with her super popular Cyanotype Masterclass this season!

Sun-printed pressed lily leaves - the prints will turn a deep Prussian blue when exposed

Sun-printed pressed lily leaves - the prints will turn a deep Prussian blue when exposed

Studio Location:  All workshops take place in our fully equipped studio: The Old Dairy, Dean House Farm, Newdigate, Dorking, RH5 5DL. The studio is located in a beautiful rural setting with stunning views and plenty of free parking onsite.  Contact Ellie: 07861 761 167

Cyanotype print-making or sun-printing as it is more commonly known is one of the oldest camera-less photography techniques! Working with two non-toxic and usually inactive chemicals - you will learn how to create a blend liquid that is photo-sensitive for a short time - that can be used to coat paper and make stunning Prussian blue prints!

Workshop Date: Saturday 28th July - SOLD OUT - One to one tuition available 

Workshop time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm  

Workshop Location: Surrey Art School, Dean House Farm, RH55DL

In the first stage of the class you will learn how to mix chemicals from scratch to create the two 'base solutions' for creating a photo-sensitive (light sensitive) emulsion.

You'll then coat several sheets of paper with the solution and these will be left to dry in a dark space - where your chemicals will also be stored for later use. 

In the second part of the workshop you'll be designing and printing from your own home-made negatives - this will include drawings on acetate, natural forms and other suitable materials (herbs, grasses, flower heads - whatever you like!)  These will be exposed to the sun to create an x-ray like silhouette print. 

By the end of the workshop you will have created several sun-prints of your own to take home on the day, plus you'll come away with extra sheets of coated paper in a light tight bag and a jar of each chemical solution so you can continue your practice beyond the class. 

This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners and requires NO PRIOR understanding of Photography at all.  Book online to secure your spot. Full Booking terms and conditions are here

Cyanotype Masterclass
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