Regular Clubs & Classes

In our busy lives and bustling homes its not always easy to find either the space or the time to get creative. If we want to make progress creatively, in the same way as we might take care of our bodies or our minds - it helps to develop a regular practice routine. Our classes and clubs are a chance to meet and make on a regular basis within a warm, friendly and supportive community of learners.

Adult Classes & Clubs


Sketchbook Club Art Class


Break up the week with our fortnightly Sketchbook based Art class, suitable for all abilities. A chance to meet and make regularly and get back into your creative flow. Each session we will work on a different aspect of art practice and fill our sketchbooks with creative experiments. You’ll be given ideas and inspiration on developing your practice between classes - a sketchbook, cups of tea and all materials are included!


Surrey Print Club

SUNDAYS / 10:30 to 13:30 and 14:00 to 17:00 / SURREY ART SCHOOL

Alongside our regular Sketchbook Club classes we are offering a fabulous opportunity to develop your print-making practice over time. Open to all Alumni from our existing print workshops and courses or more confident print-makers, Surrey Print Club is a regular group of print-makers that meets once every 4-6 weeks on a Sunday for tutorials, discussion and practical workshops all led by our amazing print tutor Paul Wye.

Young Artist Classes

Young Sketchers (8-12 years)


This September we are launching a regular Art class for young artists inspired by the teaching methods and philosophy of our subscribed Sketchbook Club for adults. Each session will focus not only on building technical skill in working with a range of materials, but also contextualising sessions with learning about artists and encouraging individuality, style and most importantly confidence in creativity for our budding artists.

GCSE Booster Class (13+)

THURSDAYS / 16:00 to 17:15 and 17:15 to 18:30 / SURREY ART SCHOOL

SAS founder Ellie Green designed these sessions to compliment and add depth and dimension to the GCSE curriculum - supporting creative freedom, self-expression and technical progression. There’s a fair difference between being an artist and passing an exam and our regular booster sessions aim to gently bridge the gap! Students benefit from regular tutorials, guidance and support as well as a ‘space to create’ with all the tools and materials on hand to bring ideas to life.