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W H A T  A  R E L I E F  !

3  W E E K  C O U R S E  :

What a relief / Morning Course

Starts: Wednesday 10th May 2017

Continues: Wednesday 17th May 2017, Wednesday 24th May 2017. 

Course time: 10:30 - 1:30 pm 

Course level : Beginners / Improvers 

Session Price: £60

Full Course: £165

Availability:  FULLY BOOKED

*Discounts Available

A 3 week intermediate course led by our 3D specialist Abilu, you'll be learning a 3 part process of relief casting using exciting and innovative mould-making methods to create a clay tile, cast a silicone mould and then use your mould to cast in Plaster and Low Melt Alloy Metal. Guided tuition at each stage of the process to build confidence in working with relief mould-making techniques. 

Week 1: Clay Tile and Silicone Mould Making

Learn how to engrave, emboss and score and use slip to build up a clay tile as a base for your silicone mould. Work with silicone itself and understand mixing, setting and pouring times to create an initial silicone cast of your tile. 

Week 2: Plaster Casting from Silicone Mould

Develop your knowledge of plaster mixing, pouring and setting times and create repeat casts from your silicone moulds that are clean, crisp and can be re-poured multiple times!

Week 3: Low Melt Metal Casting

Learn how to safely work low- melt metal to create further casts of from your silicone mould, this time in molten metal. A stunning finish and skills that can easily be re-used at home anytime!

What to expect: A cosy, friendly fully equipt studio setting. Expert tuition and a sense of confidence and independence in your practice.

What to bring: Just yourselves. Aprons, refreshment, biscuits and banter are all available in abundance. 

Go Figure / Body Casting
from 55.00

Create amazing body casts and learnt to safely cast your family in this innovative and contemporary 3 week course!

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How to find us: Our little Studio is nestled in a little courtyard at the front of the farm. Plenty of parking, toilets etc. No need to bring anything, just yourselves. 

Studio location: Dean House Farm, Newdigate, RH5 5DL

Contact us: surreyartschool@gmail.com

Find us here!

Find us here!

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