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Photo-Lithography Day Course

Take a photo, make a drawing and then create a photo-copy. 

Take that photo-copy and create the most soulful and stunning prints from the photo-copy itself! 

This deeply satisfying and fully immersive full day course will teach you all you need to know to create stunning prints from old photographs or new. Take a cheap digital shot or photo-copy and transform it into a work of art!

You'll learn how to work with gum arabic to sensitise your photocopy and then how to ink up and pull prints from the surface of the paper

This is a simply magical process and something you can repeat at home any time you like. 

Paul will guide you on a creative journey through the process, helping you to develop beautiful compositions and experiment with layering and toning your prints to create fun, visually stunning reproductions. 

Join us on a creative adventure taking simple materials to dizzying heights - step off the edge with us and learn something new!

By the end of this full day course you will have produced multiple prints from your own photos, drawings, collages or text!

All materials, expert guidance and light refreshments are included in your booking.

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