Yoga, Creativity and Well-being Retreat

If you go down to the woods today you might be surprised at the benefits to your overall well-being that spending some time amongst the trees can provide. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of forest bathing, we'll be heading back into the woods for our Autumn Yoga and Art retreat to ground ourselves from root to tree top.

Event date: Sunday 30th September 2018

Event time: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Event Location: Surrey Hills Yurts, Logmore Lane, Westcott, RH4 3JN

Event Leaders: Georgina Oldfield (GLO Yoga Sussex) & Ellie Green (Surrey Art School)

Be like a tree. Stay Grounded. Connect to your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing - Joanne Rapits

Come down to the woods with us for a magical experience inspired by the wonders of the beautiful woodland at our stunning retreat site in the heart of the Surrey Hills.

The focus of this full day retreat is to ground ourselves - in a calm space that will help us reconnect to our core purpose -  and for this we are using the trees as inspiration.

Over the course of the day you will take part in two workshops:

The first - a tree inspired yoga class that will help you to draw your energy back down to the ground and help you find stability and strength in your yoga practice. We will be awakening and activating the Muldhara or root chakra - the body's most primal and fundamental energy centre associated with instinct, survival and safety and closely connected to the earth and nature.

The second - a tree inspired art workshop where you'll be creating your own 'tree spirit' that will be installed on a tree of your choosing at the site. We'll then be using fallen leaves to create some crisp, detailed monoprints using a vegetable base printing ink. Finally we'll build a mindful fire and share our wishes and dreams for the season by adding a log to the fire.

As usual we'll be providing a warming and hearty vegetarian lunch from the outdoor kitchen and will be dining fire-side whilst chatting and warming our cockles

We'll also be inviting back Magnolia Tree therapies to offer another FREE REFLEXOLOGY taster session - this one using pressure points on the hands and feet to re-energise and balance the body.

Expect a warming gathering of like-minded people, where you can make a bit of time to be creative but also to reflect and reframe in preparation for the Autumn season. You'll also get a screen-printed goodie bag to take away on the day!

Book online below to secure your spot Spaces still available for Sunday - book online to secure your spot!

Full booking terms and conditions are here.

As Surrey Hills Yurts is a totally eco-friendly site we encourage car-sharing to this event!

Yoga, Creativity and Wellbeing Autumn Retreat
Turn over a new leaf
 Be like a tree, stand tall, bend don't break, connect to your roots

Be like a tree, stand tall, bend don't break, connect to your roots


What you say about our retreats:

The Art & Yoga retreat was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday treating yourself to some self-care...We've all seen the Mandala colouring books but knowing how to create your own Mandala is a lovely thing to learn. This combined with the yoga session with Glo Yoga out in a field in the Surrey! Just beautiful!

Jenna, Mid-summer Art and Yoga retreat, August 2018